Committee 2018 President: Claude Specht LX1SC Vice-President: Patrick Zeches LX1ZP Secretary: Germain Sch├╝tz LX1SG Treasurer: Patrick Steichen LX2ST Member: Lou Schartz LX1A Member: Arsene Klopp LX2KA Member: (t.b.d.)
Committee E-Mail:
ADRAD Kayldall     P.O.Box 26   L-3601 KAYL    Luxembourg
ADRAD Kayldall
Association des radioamateurs du Kayldall
On the air since 1979      Clubcall LX9AK
Bank account IBAN: LU08 1111 0641 5033 0000 BIC: CCPLLULL
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(E-Mails can be written in Luxembourgish, German, French and English Language)